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Tobias Lee Moreno, or Mustang, is a homegrown Colorado artist. He was born the fifth of January 1980 in Greeley, Colorado. His work ranges on a wide spectrum. It can also be found on and under the brand What The...?! Studios, here :

The search for Moreno's work is worth the hunt for you treasure seekers, as collectors have custom one of a kind Moreno One Line originals, never again to be reproduced.
"There are too many friends and fans to thank. They know who they are, I still own the light table a great friend biult me out of wood and an old light fixture. I can't begin to tell you the encouragement some people had for me, I'd like to thank them all." -Moreno

Advanced in many techniques, this artist has truly mastered what he calls, the Moreno One Line: a single line creating an image without looping crossing or breaking. Some images can take up to a year to complete, as the line gets so thin it seems to disappear, and some lines so thick, you don't realize your looking right at them. From simple black and white images, to highly colorful and detailed labrynths, its no doubt Moreno has mastered his technique.

With a strong heart, Tobias Morenos reminding us what it's like, to truly be free in art, as his work ranges from murals to tattoo prints, and fast cars, from local magazines and radio stations, to homes across the states. Limited edition Moreno One Lines, usually of only 10 prints make his work highly sought after, some images are enhanced by the artists writings or poetry.

"The artwork has touched so many souls... so many, some deeply rooted in their skin(referring to Moreno's tattoo prints). The thought of that really blows my mind. I mean,here I am, some kid from the barrio... with the power to change, like the One Line. We can all change for the better, create something wonderful with your life, and never let anyone discourage you.
... I mean, if your gonna be a wolf, might as well be big an bad." -Moreno

Enjoy the world of Tobias Mustang Lee Moreno, it's fascinating, brilliant, and truley one of a kind.