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Blame it on a piece of Arizona flagstone

Kimberly Bowen Fine Art on Stone Biography

Unlike most artists, Kimberly Bowen no longer uses watercolor paper or canvas. Blame it on a piece of Arizona flagstone. A small piece, no larger than a piece of paper, it had some grooves and cracks and a warm color to it. Seemed to have a horse inside of it, waiting to be brought out, and it did. Ten years later, Kimberly is still doing the strangest thing—painting horses and wildlife portraiture on flagstone. The small, watercolor paintings on small stones have given way to acrylic renditions on large stones measuring up to three foot by four foot, and weighing in at…well, just ask her husband. Born in southern California, majoring in Interior Design, her biggest passion was riding her horses, and drawing and painting them. Largely a self-taught artist, she has been inspired by scenic Colorado and its wildlife. She now paints canines, landscapes, elk, deer, moose, bears, wolves, buffalo, rams, mountain lions and more in addition to her beloved western horse. And all on Arizona flagstone.

She is choosy about the stones she selects. She stares at each piece, almost as if to look inside the stone and see what it may offer. Although she will often shape the chosen stones to the proper size, the color must be right to enhance, and the natural texture must lend itself to a particular subject. And that particular subject will usually end up with her trademark kind eye. Impossible to understand until seen in person, the extraordinary detail of each painting beckons viewers to just sit down and stare for awhile. With a number of display options, including custom wrought iron wall hangers and wrought iron table and floor stands, the stones are easy to stare at. Most of her paintings are preferred showing the rough edge of the stone, yet now, she offers some pieces tile cut for a more western contemporary feel.

Kimberly is enthusiastically exploring new subjects and new presentations. Her work has been featured as the cover art for a recently published book “Musings on Horses and Humans” by Paul Siemens, published by Xlibris Corporation. She paints several commissioned portraitures a year and is always looking for something new and different.

Visit Kimberly’s website studio, or see her in person in various shows throughout the west.

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