Frequently Asked Questions

Could be. Contact us and we'll let you know.

AoC doesn't try to be all things to all people. We limit our membership to Colorado-based artists, or artists with special ties to the state. This allows our site to have a regional flavor, keeps our site from being so huge that no one will ever find your stuff, and yet gives us tremendous variety for art lovers to browse.

Yes. A free link to your own website is available to Premium Members. It's a great way to attract people to your site and to improve your own website's performance in the search engines.

Yes. Please see our terms of service for more details.

You may create albums if you sign up for our Premium Membership package. Add as many albums as you like and place any of your images in any of your albums. You can also have an image show up in multiple albums. It's easy to manage your albums and images.

We are putting together an archive of various tips and articles to help you be successful. There are also many references on-line that we will be providing as links for you to get more information.

At this time we don't process orders on behalf of members. We make it easy for people to see your work and contact you directly. The responsibility for the sale, along with 100% of the proceeds, is for you.

We accept work by artists and artistic craftspeople, and we leave those definitions to be fairly broad. Often art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. However, we do not accept listings from commercial organizations like galleries, nor do we accept listings from people trying to sell work other than their own. For other restrictions on posted work, please read our terms of service.

  • We work regularly to cross-link our site with other sites within the online art community, both in Colorado and nationwide. Having an extensive links page of our own allows us to "exchange" links with other sites, creating more ways to find us.
  • We have optimized our site to make sure that major search engines can easily index our site. We have also made our "Index of Artists" search engine friendly, to make sure that our members' names are easily indexed by search engines.
  • Starting with Western Colorado, we have started promoting the site through one-on-one contact with artists, and we are in the process of forming relationships with organizations devoted to promoting the arts.
  • Most importantly, each of our artist members will be promoting the site every time they tell someone to "see my portfolio on" As people visit the site to see the work of one artist, the majority will stay and see the work of other artists as well. A perfect example of the value of community.

No, however it will cost you a little bit more. Many one-hour photo labs will convert your slides to digital images and put them on a CD for you. They may also be able to convert them to the resolution and size you need for your AoC listing. Once you have the images on a CD, just transfer them from the CD to your computer. If you need to change the size or resolution of the images, you will need some sort of image editing software. Once they're ready you can upload them when you create a listing for the piece of artwork in question.
Alternative: If you don't want to mess with resizing your images or uploading them from your computer, get the digital images from a quick photo lab and send the CD to us along with a clear list of how you want each image described, and what filenames on the CD correspond to what descriptions you give us. We will resize them and install them to your web portfolio for $10 per item.

First, you do need to have any images you want to use in digital format (that means as a file on your computer). These images must be saved either as ".jpg" files or ".gif" files (if photos, usually you'll want to show them as ".jpg" files). In order to display properly, your images should be saved as 72 or 96 pixels per inch (this is called the resolution of the image) and should be at least 800 pixels wide (the vertical dimension can be whatever it needs to be to look proportionate). If you have images that don't conform to these specs, most image editors (like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Photoimpact, GIMP or similar) will be able to re-size the images (this is also known as "re-sampling" the image). The online help files of your image editing program should be able to give you more information on each of these aspects of manipulating your images.

It's good to take advantage of all these services to display your work. We believe that the more your art is displayed on-line – the easier it is for a potential buyer to find you. What is unique about our service is people coming to ArtisansOfColorado are looking for original art and artists of Colorado specifically. Some of these other services have thousands of people and it is often difficult to search and find a specific person or service. ArtisansOfColorado provides another outlet for your work to be displayed with a higher probability that people will find you through the search engines.

For the free membership you can show one item. It doesn't cost that much to add items one at a time, and you can add as many as you like. Our premium package offers 200 images for one low annual price (for our rates, click here). Our philosophy is that more images will enhance your professional image and show that you're serious about your work.

It is free to join and that includes one image. You can add more images at a small cost per image. You can also become a Premium Member for a yearly fee and have unlimited amount of items. For our rates, click here.

Without a lot of marketing talk shoveled your way, here are the simple benefits:

  • ArtisansOfColorado gives you an inexpensive way to put your portfolio up on the Internet. In addition, the site allows you to manage your portfolio conveniently, without special Internet skills, and without additional costs to add new items or to delete old ones. This keeps your portfolio current.
  • In other words, you can tell anyone you meet, at an art show, a party, the grocery store, wherever: "you can see all my work at"
  • ArtisansOfColorado is optimized for search engines. So when a potential buyer is searching for “painters in Colorado”, or “sculptors in Colorado”, ArtisansOfColorado usually shows up in the top 10 in the search engines.
  • ArtisansOfColorado is also optimized for the search engines with the individual members of ArtisansOfColorado. So if someone was looking for you in Google, chances are your page on AoC will get a high placement on Google, if not number one.
  • ArtisansOfColorado allows people to see your work who otherwise would never have seen it. For example, someone comes to the site because another artist has told them their work is on the site. That visitor is likely to browse other work as well, quite possible yours. It's a little thing called serendipity.
  • If you have your own website, and if you spring for a premium membership (currently just $99 per year) you also get a link from AoC to your website. This is one of the best ways to promote traffic to your site and to get your site noticed by the search engines.