Digital Art in its various forms

If any of you are like me, you probably wonder what digital art is exactly... Put simply, any art created utilizing digital tools, such as a computer, qualifies as digital art. But what about the various types of digital art? and what about art that is only half done on the computer, or art that is altered in photoshop or using a similar program.

Wikipedia defines digital art this way:

A simple guide to accomplishing goals and eliminating waste

As a creative individual, I have had my struggles getting art projects completed, working really odd hours and wasting time that could have been spent in front of an easel or computer screen. I probably have struck a chord with many others dealing with the same issues. It would seem that creative people in general tend to struggle with these things. I wanted to outline some practical steps to begin getting projects completed in a timely manner, while developing some new work habits to not only be commited to project and task management but allow for the creative process.

En plein air

As a pastel artist living in Western Colorado, I am familiar with taking my easel and going to the Colorado National Monument to paint. I started hearing about painting "en plein air" and thought that it was a new technique - like a loose style similar to Claude Monet. I felt foolish when I went to Wikipedia and read, "En plein air is a French expression which means "in the open air", and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors". Wow, the thing we have been doing all along but with a fancy French name.

What are the benefits to painting en plein air?

How can an Artisans of Colorado membership be of benefit to me?

As one of the main administrators of this site, I thought it might be useful to explain some of the benefits and give members a feel for what our goals are for the site and how the two can work together to give this site value to all Colorado artists out there.

Digital Art for the formally trained artist

As I started to think of things to blog about for Artisans of Colorado, I thought about digital art for people with a formal art background. I am one of those with formal art training. My training began as a young child. I remember going to the old Jeffco center in Arvada on Saturday morning's for art classes while my friends were playing basketball. At the time I resented it. But it has paid dividends later in life. I found I was only able to play basketball for a short time while I can do art my whole life.

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